Social Sculptures in public spaces


Arrival Kitchen is influenced by the expression “Arrival City” first coined by the journalist Doug Saunders. Saunders changes the perspective of urban slums, from unpopular shanty towns to “transit locations for poor rural residents to migrate to the city”. He also considers slums a resource for cities.


With Arrival Kitchen, Walbrodt and Hoernemann illuminate qualities of the microcosm “Kitchen” as a place of arrival or transit. This destination supports people in the development of their dreams, desires, and goals. From a global perspective, this room allows entire new cultures and cities to arise. The kitchen which was born out of sheer necessity provides migrants a social core for old and new lifestyles to merge and integrate.


The kitchen. The place which is most used and lived in. The place where everyday life's highlights are most likely to occur: the most important conversations, the most intensive thoughts and emotions, and the most random mix of people. The kitchen contains a large amount of potential life between its fulfillment of basic needs and offers of appetizing treats. The kitchen has become an essential part of the home. Walbrodt and Jennifer Hoernemann play and perform in a public space. Over several days, they present installations, performances, and an interactive field of action.


They consciously use the effect of being on display. The kitchen, stripped of its cover (house) is presented and embodied as a living organ in a slightly distorted installation. As a result, new relationships and perspectives about common ground and common goods are created.