Unexpected Art in public space for a moving audience


Art Bike Tour is art in public spaces, a unique sightseeing tour, and a community in movement all in one. Performing artists present music and dance improvisations in the city's well-known and less-known places. The city transforms spontaneously into a platform for experimental art. Musical and dance compositions are created in the here and now. Spectators and artists move by bike together through the city's landscape.


What is actually the scenery and the stage here? The Art Bike Tour lasts about 2.5 hours during which the participants experience an unusual dynamic: moving outside in the fresh air, repeating moments of arrival and departure, and simply, the passing of time. The audience receives impulses from experimental art through physical activity.


Art Bike Tour brings all the participants on the same path towards self awareness and perception. It also lessens the distance between stage situations and everyday situations. The artists and audience alike ask the questions: What is landscape and what is art? How do we experience what we see? What is the relationship between space and movement?


The trio Sue Schlotte (cello), Uta Püttmann and Jennifer Hoernemann (dance) first conceived and performed Art Bike Tour in 2004. Under CommunityArtWorks Jennifer Hoernemann has further developed and adapted this format for other cities and events.