breaking fresh ground



is a temporarily designed field of interaction and a space for research-action for

working artists and actors of social sculpture with practical experience.


Background questions:


What occurs, when we meet?

How can we cultivate something new, something essential?

What does it mean „to plow“ in our context?

And how can we center our power and action?


For five days we invite you into the (350 sq ms) studio of Barnes Crossing: a concrete space and time for exchange, enquiry, investigation, research, reflection and inspiration.


We will give each day a heading which gives orientation and preparation. You are invited to be there one day, several days or the entire week.


We (as the organizers) will give suggestions for rituals to start the day. We will supply materials to work with (objects, pencils etc. ) and possibilities for documentations. We do not give any repetitive structuring or moderation.


We do understand these 5 days as a basicground. As an opportunity to get to know

familiar and unfamiliar people and to go into resonance and friction with their way of acting and thinking in the field of social sculpture and in the fields of the Arts. In order to give initiation to more concrete (transdisciplinary) activity and creativity.


Day 1: Ground

Day 2: Craft

Day 3: Presence

Day 4: Connection

Day 5: World