Office for the Use of Mistakes and Coincidences - OUMC


The artistic interventions of the OUMC guarantee space for spontaneity and surprise. The Office directors, performing artists facilitate interruptions and impulses at events like conferences or workshops. They partner with the participants to align individual and collective creative resources to discover new perspectives and overcome present problems.


The OUMC uses simultaneously visual installations, physical performances, and informative talks with a humorous note to create spontaneous surprising spaces for communication, full of meaning and momentum. The participants meet on a common ground by not knowing what will happen. Hereby mental habits that were inhibiting progress can get playfully transformed into constructive contributions. 


A mistake?


The gap, which arises in occurance of a mistake or an accident, between our perception and given reality, makes consciousness possible. And also development. This is in our everyday routine processes an underrated opportunity to real growth. If the free space is closed too quickly, i.e. with a quick solution, or the mistake is swept under the carpet, this chance is missed.