Where art and administration meet up.


The city and region of Aachen, Germany awarded the In-Company Atelier with the “Economy Meets Art” prize in 2010. Walbrodt had set up his atelier in the open space offices of the Cologne-based Cyberdyne IT Limited for 2 years.


In 2011, a second In-Company Atelier was set up in the City of Aachen's administration offices. With work and ideas developed in the In-Company Atelier, Walbrodt intervened in the everyday office life with images, installations, and performances


CommunityArtsWorks' workday and processes are different than the typical business world. Using this outsider advantage, these artistic interventions offer impulses and the opportunities for employees, either as individuals or teams, to reflect on their thoughts, behaviors and outcomes.


Vantage points:


1.If people from two seemingly different work cultures share space and time, would they inspire each other and as a result, create new images and realities?


2. If a person wants to be creative: physical and emotional needs have to be met, stress has to be eliminated and motivation activated. Creativity also needs a flexible space that can be freely reorganized and designed.