The artistic process of T.A.N.Z. GmbH, Dance Actions for a Sustainable Cooperation, was first created with over 30 employees from an IT company in their open space office and was then transformed for other working contexts.


Jennifer Hoernemann and Walbrodt do movement research and develop performances in temporary movement laboratories within a company's or organization's office space. These creative labs influence the everyday work atmosphere and communication habits visually, physically and acoustically.



The following questions drive the T.A.N.Z. GmbH:


  • What is needed for a sustainable communication / cooperation?
  • Which values coincide in both dance and economy? Where do values diverge?
  • How can a company profit from experimental art forms, such as the moving body, and their processes and products?


In order to initiate a creative process, Jennifer Hoernemann and Walbrodt work with:

  • The creative dialogue is used to discuss artistic and economic topics, as well as share experiences and perspectives.

  • Spontaneous or planned open talks with the company's employees-without the pressure to come to a result.

  • Sharing different experiences, spaciously ;  the artists move nonverbally in the rooms and improvise and play with movement, perception and different relations of space/body /objects.

  • Movement qualities inspired from the company are further developed and transformed by the artists in the studio and the results are presented as little performances at the company.